What’s better.


Yes, we could say that things aren’t better or worse and that they are just different. However that most certainly does not apply to everything. There are simply some things at which each country is better. I will try to be as unbiased as possible as I assess who comes out on top in what.

Stylishness of strollers- Spain

Helpfulness and clarity of textbooks- U.S.

Helpfulness of the average person – Spain

Cuteness of children’s clothing- Spain

Quality of Shoes- Spain

Access to water fountains- U.S.

Creativity with toilet flushers -Spain

Consciousness of the Environment- Spain

Price of Food – Spain

Price of Gas- Can’t tell…

Price of Everything else – U.S.

Attractiveness of sports Apparel- U.S.

Access to Public Transportation- Spain

Filling breakfasts – U.S.

Access to health foods – U.S.

Access to fast food – U.S.

Access to fresh, in between foods- Spain

School supplies (price, quality, design) – U.S.

Efficient Speakers- Spain

Empathetic Listeners- U.S.





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