¡Feliz cumpleaños América!

I love Bilbao. I love the culture, the food, the people, the beaches, the architecture, the playgrounds, the trees and its accessibility. However, I must say there is no place like America. Today is The Fourth of July and it is so odd being in another country on such an important American holiday. As much as I love the antiquity of the culture here, it has made me more fascinated with my own culture. People here keep asking me to describe what it is like in America. They think that I have never seen or heard of the foods they eat here and everything is entirely foreign to me, but that’s is not true at all. What’s wonderful about America is that hardly anything is foreign to us because we have a little bit of everything. I hope that the world can somehow revamp the entirely untrue stereotype that we all live off of Burger King and Waffle House because America truly does have more variety and options of everything than anywhere in the world. It truly is a melting pot where the whole world has brought the best of their best together with a pinch of its own uniqueness. I love being here, but my heart will always belong to the U.S. I love its small towns and football teams and Ford pickup trucks. I love its white picket fences and its wide open ranches. Although it is admittedly  far from perfect and it doesn’t have a Guggenheim or any city as beautiful as this, it is home. There is an indescribable sense of peace and comfort that one feels when in their own country that is often taken for granted until it is inaccessible. I am certainly enjoying my time here and love Spain very very much, but today I’m proud to be a foreigner.

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